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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fortune favours the darn right stupid - 04/01/2013

Well after 3 days of looking at the weather outside and thinking 'do I, don't I,' yesterday I just thought sod it, I'm fishing no matter what. Leaving the house shortly after 5pm, I soon found myself on a South Lleyn mark where I fished for an hour or so into a nasty onshore wind before eventually realising it was a bad idea. I had packed my gear up and was headed homewards now feeling a little defeated, when I suddenly remembered a mark on the North Lleyn from last year where I'd winkled out a few fish in February, was worth a shot.
Anyway now nearing 7pm, I had finally found a spot where the wind was almost behind me, making the fishing far more comfortable. As I edged my way down to the sea over some very slippery boulders, I soon found myself arse over tit and lying facing the stars, not a great start. When I did finally get myself into a casting position though, confidence was restored. Although there was no signs of life anywhere, it just felt fishy, the water clarity was reasonably good and the slight swell was creating a nice area of white water around an island in front of me. The feeling soon disappeared though and after 3 hours of nothing, I decided for another small move, this time just a few hundred yards round the headland.
Now I was really desperate for a fish and after a second fall, my knees started to feel a bit bruised. Once in the new area though, I had much better grip on the rocks and wasn't fearing falling over as much. Starting off with the deadly SG Eel, it wasn't long before I felt some resistence, but this turned out to be weed. In fact, it was a little shallower than I had accounted for and next cast I lost the lure, this was getting frustrating. Anyway, still determined., I carried on fishing, this time opting to fish a white SG slug on a weedless jighead to combat the snags. This was a good move and after only a dozen or so casts, there was finally something pulling back. A few tentative moments later, I had beached my first fish of 2013, a small bass of maybe 1lb, get in!

Now on a real high and despite it starting to spit, I carried on chucking the slug out into the darkness, once more full of confidence. Another half an hour passed with not a sniff, before a quick smash and grab take had my rod arched over and the drag singing. Straight away it was obvious it was a better fish, so now all I had to do was guide it through the boulder minefield in front of me and onto dry land. A good few minutes later that's exactly what happened and on the rocks below me lay my first decent bass of the year, at 57cm and 3lb 14oz, it was a fish that made all the nights events worthwhile. It would also be the last action of the night and so now more than a little chuffed with my nights work, I scrambled my way back to the car to head home.

Thanks for reading,
Tight Lines,