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Sunday, October 7, 2012

A great day out with Tozer

Myself and Tozer have been talking about sorting a session on the rocks for a while and this Saturday it finally came to fruition. Both of us being species hunters, it was a great chance for me to see if there were any species in particular that he thought I could still tick off and hopefully this would be the day.
 To be honest we couldn't have picked a more pleasant day either, for the first time in what seems like forever the wind had dropped and we were left with sunshine and a flat sea. With that in mind our first stop was to venture onto the island to a rock mark where we would hopefully get some garfish. Tozer had picked up 2kg of sprats and a couple of loaves of bread and proceeded to mix up some shurvey using a very handy mincer, a tool that I must purchase. The chumming started whilst we rigged up, a simple float set up with a size 4 hook about 3ft under the float and either sandeel fillet or a slither of macky for bait. It didn't take long for the gars to appear either, signs of them feeding on the surface was all we needed to get a bait in the water. Tozer was in to his first fish almost instantly and shortly followed it up with a second and the biggest of the day at around
 a pound in weight, a cracking gar! I then had my first bite and lost a gar close in, gutted but the next cast I managed to get one for myself, job done. Species 62 ticked off :) We stayed at it for around two and a half hours, both of us finishing with 3 garfish a piece so now it was time for a change of scenery. I had talked up a mark that most people that read the blog will know as the secret pollock mark, so as Tozer was here for the day, I thought he might enjoy having a little dabble there. After the lairy route getting to the mark, we finally got up and running, myself starting with rag baited sabikis and Tozer had a bash with my LRF rod and some soft plastics to try and tempt a wrasse or two. The fishing was not as prolific as it usually is, but we did manage a good haul of fish none the less. Notching up 6 species between us including, gold-sinneys, corkwings, ballans, pollock, scorpion fish and poor cod. The best of the fish came to Tozer on half a hardback, a wrasse of between 2.5-3lb. We stayed at this mark until shortly before dark, made our ascent back to safe ground and started discussing what we could do next. By this point I was shattered, so I decided enough was enough and went home for a much needed kip and some food. Tozer ploughed on though so be interesting to find out what he caught.

Thanks for reading,
Tight Lines,