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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Scottish Raid Part 2 : Trouting About

Leaving Ad behind in Aberdeen to settle into his new digs, I made my way South to meet with Scott and Jake for what would be an epic week of fishing. The first venue was an estuary system that fellow TLF member Martin Allison had recommended to us and kindly given us some great advice on. The target of our first session was a species I've been struggling with, Sea Trout and I was desperate to tick this one off the list. Scott had picked me up a few small metals and after getting the permits we began the lure chucking. We
 spread out along the shore and worked a number of back eddies and areas of interest catching plenty of passing weed in our initial efforts. We thought this was going to be a big problem but Jake soon got through the weed and had the first action of the evening, unfortunately dropping it shortly after the hook up.  After a few more chucks he called me over to try just to his left where he thought I'd have a good chance. Out went the lure and about half way in on my return a small pluck and then a solid take, I had definitely hooked a fish. As usual when your trying to be careful, the process of landing it takes way longer than is necessary but as it neared the side I could see I had my target and I was clearly delighted. Sea trout ticked off....BOOM (species 50!) A few casts later I was in again and this felt a little bigger. I played it very cautiously as you'd imagine, but after seeing it was a fat mackerel I tightened the drag and hauled it in. It was a biggun though at 1lb 1oz and went back for tea. We then had a very quiet spell where the tide had seemed to pick up and the weed was making it very difficult. Scott, who had moved down a bit called us both over after spotting a few trout breaching the surface and this proved to be the best move of the night. It was much cleaner and weed was not a problem at this spot so confidence was high. This was backed up soon after the move as well when on just my second chuck I hooked sea trout
number 2 of the session. Third cast and another fish, believe it or not another trout. This was fast becoming a cracking session and the following dozen casts provided me with another couple of sea trout taking me to a total of 5 trout and a macky. Whilst I was enjoying the action Jake and Scott were finding it tough but this changed after seeing my lure had a flash of red on it. They had been using silver and blue ones so out came Jakes red marker and he cleverly added some red to his lure which quickly resulted in a pair of sea trout for him, top effort. Scott was not so fortunate but I think it's safe to say we all had a very enjoyable session. Last port of call before leaving was the local chippie where a decent meal and an energy drink perked me up nicely for the journey down.

Thanks for reading,
Tight Lines,