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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

1 mark, 2 days, 2 styles of fishing, same result....Bass

Anglesey 25th & 26th June 2012

My first session this week took place on Anglesey with the lures. I met Terry in Beaumaris and headed off to a mark I hadn't fished yet this year, but was confident of a fish or two. After a nice downhill trek to the mark we set up the rods and began having a walk along the coast chucking the lures as we went. Switching between surface lures and shallow divers I got my first fish of the day on just my second cast, not what we were after though, a small pollock. After a good hour I was losing my confidence in the bass so after having a quick word with Terry, we headed off to our left to fish off a deeper stretch of coastline. After scouting a bit we decided on a spot and began chucking again. As it was a little deeper I decided to try a slightly deeper running lure, the zonk gataride in katakuchi colour (blue top, silver flanks, red belly for anyone not familiar) These lures fly so against the wind I launched it out a fair distance and began my retrieve. About half way in a small tap and then a solid take, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sounded as the braid left the spool. I was very conscious about setting the drag right as due to running out of my usual 20lb fluoro leader I had to settle for some 10lb stuff I use when after wrasse, not ideal. As I played it gently to the side though, there Terry was on hand to guide my prize into a little gully where he could grab it. I didn't bother weighing/measuring it as it wasn't as big as others I've had this year so after a few quick photos I released the fish back into the depths. At a guess I would have said it was around the 3.5-4lb mark. The Zonk had proven its worth once again and certainly put a big smile on my face for the rest of the evening. Terry soon followed suit and whacked on his Zonk and sure enough got his first fish of the session soon after the changeover. I failed to catch for the rest of the evening but Terry managed to winkle out a second bass just as the light was fading. In typical style, he'd noticed a few fish surfacing for sandeels and had switched to a Patchinko surface lure. I watched on as his first few casts got some interest in the form of a missed take and then the proceeding cast got a hook up and his 2nd bass. As soon as they switched on though, they disappeared so after a further hours plugging into the darkness, we called it a night and headed back. This was a tester on the legs though, as after a seemingly easy descent, the mile or more walking straight back up the hill certainly got the heart pumping. Worth it though just for that one stunning fish.

The day after saw me returning to the exact spot from the previous evening. This time I had left the plugging rod at home and lugged down the beachcaster, a bucket of crab and plenty of spare leads hoping for some more silver and maybe something new for the species list. After a much more strenuous walk down I found myself dealing with a brisk breeze and a slightly choppy sea, not what I had hoped for, but nevertheless I ploughed on hopeful. I set up with a portsmouth loop rig armed with a lovely helping of fresh peeler and launched it out across a bay to the west of me. After a fruitless first cast, I wound in rebaited and repeated the process, this time casting slightly shorter. After a short wait, I had my first knock and then a nice pull round. Initially my lead was snagged up but after a quick tug it came free, luckily with the fish still attached. Up it came in front of me, with its silver flanks catching the suns rays, a nice little bass of around 1lb. For the next few chucks I continued to get fish of this size, finishing with 4 bass in 6 casts. My seventh cast however produced this codling of around 1.5lb which went home for tea, tasted lovely pan fried in some breadcrumbs. Unfortunately the following cast I snagged up again, losing both my snoods but retaining the lead. I thought enough was enough though and headed back happy again after a good couple of hours. The walk back was agonizing on the legs, especially considering I was carrying a good amount of gear  this time round and had done the same walk less than 12 hours previous. But again the long walk was worth the effort and at least I had dinner lined up :)

Thanks for reading,
Tight Lines,