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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bass go crazy at one of my marks and shell island throws up a new species

The younger one gets off the mark

A secret North Wales location

After the previous nights success at one of my marks with Terry and Den (there reports can be found on the following links I decided to invite Sam (the younger brother) over for a few days to see if he could add a few silvers to his tally. We arrived full of optimism and having overtalked the mark to him, he was eager to wet his line. We arrived just before sunset and began to chuck a few surface lures around, Sam opting for the Patchinko in sandeel colour whilst I went for the Feed Popper which I caught on last week. It wasn't too long before cries of  'fish' came my way, so running over with the camera, I managed to reach him just in time to help land it and take a photo. At roughly 3lb it was a nice start but his day was going to get better. In fact, before last light he'd notched up another 4 taking his total to 5 for the session before I had even managed a fish, but the tides were soon to turn. On went my most productive lure from the day before, the IMA Komomo SF125 in colour 205 and within 10 casts I had my first and best fish of the session which weighed a nice 4lb 2oz. Off the mark finally, it was catch up time and although
A nice 4lb 2oz bass on the Komomo SF125
Sam will claim it wasn't a competition, at 5-0 up I remeber him having a rather cocky swagger about him. Usually you see, its me who gets the majority of the fish with him managing somehow to winkle out the better ones. This looked like a role reversal for a while, but as the bass started to find there way into my casting zone my tally creeped up slowly. Before darkness fell I was just the one behind at 5-4. This was when I changed over to a slightly darker lure, again a komomo, but this time round the Komomo II in joker flashing plate, an absolute killer in the dark. On my first cast after the changeover I was into a fish, but this time it was no silver, instead a little pollock, got to love variety. As the tide was changing I moved to a spot where the waves were creating some white water around a few rocky outcrops. A few chucks either side then a few down the middle and bang, bass number 5. This was shortly followed by my 3rd species of the day in the form of a small coalie. After 30 minutes the bites dried up so I decided to change back to my previous lure. Although it has white sides and red belly, it does seem to work wonders in the dark, probably due to the rattle from the bearings within. Anyhow though having told Sam it was time for a few last chucks,
I had readied myself to go when another fish hit me and went on a nice run. I took my time playing it to the side and another nice long looking fished appeared in the swell. Not as big as my first but at 3lb 13oz it gave me a lovely fight in the dark. It was then sadly time to go, but this mark will produce me a big fish soon, I have no doubts whatsoever, it's just putting in the time to get one that will be the key. So finishing tallies went in my favour after the slow start, 6 bass, 1 pollock, 1 coalie for me and 5 bass for Sam. A good result for both of us!

Shell Island

Tuesday brought rise to my first trip to Shell Island. The trip was not fishing related but in typical style, I had to take my rod down with me just in case I saw the right opportunity. After meeting up with Ad and Katie (birthday girl) we hopped over the dunes to play a bit of frisbee. Ad told me about a number of little fish holding in a pool connected to the sea via a small channel. I didn't need to be told twice and I was off to have a gander in a flash. The pool was full of little sand gobies and tiny flounders. After spending a while chasing them round the pool I decided enough was enough and I was gonna target them on rod and line. I only had my bass outfit so it wasn't really ideal, but to my favour I found some 4lb spider line and some size 16 hooks lying around in my boot. Off to the pool I went with Sam who decided not to target the beasts. I put the smallest bit of isome on you could imagine and dropped it in turn on their noses. They were hungry and within seconds each one would have a snap at it but the hook was seemingly too big. I shifted the isome right onto the tip of the hook and tried again. By this time they had found shelter at my brothers feet, so I kindly asked him to remain still whilst I dropped the hook next to his toes. One popped up from its hiding spot in an empty oyster shell and thrashed at it. I lifted the rod to find it was hooked, whhooopppeeee! It will probably go down as my smallest sea fish ever but I don't give a monkeys, its my first ever sand-goby and my species tally rises to 36 for 2012. Chuffed to bits we headed back to where Ad's tent was and had a BBQ to round off a cracking day. I will be back there soon to hopefully get this seemingly impossible sea-trout off my list.

Hope you enjoyed reading,
Tight Lines,