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Thursday, May 10, 2012

3 more plugging sessions with good results.

Megabass X-140 LZ HIgh Waka

Session 1: Myself, Ad and Colin met at tesco carpark and headed off in hope of some fish. Colin had never caught a sea fish on a lure, so I took him and Ad to a mark that is fairly prolific down the Lleyn for pollock and wrasse, usually with bass in good numbers as well. We set off at 5pm in order to reach the mark half an hour before low water and with it being huge spring tides the rock ledges usually inaccessible were easily fishable. I started with a metal fluttering sandeel and first cast got my first lure caught launce of the year. I kept at it for 30 mins before changing to one of my favourite lures, the megabass x-140 in LZ High Waka. The water was around 8-10 deep where we were so this lure working at around 6ft was the perfect choice, especially as it looks just like a launce in the water. It payed off after around 10 mins with a nice little schoolie, and a few casts later another take but no hook up. 50 yards from me Colin was making the most of the mark and got his first ever lure caught fish, a little pollock. Brilliant effort and a lure addict was born :) Shortly after I had bass number 2, another schoolie, whilst Ad a good 100 yards from me had his x-layer destroyed by a wrasse which took half the lure with it as it escaped the hook. We had a move an hour before dark which resulted in 2 more schoolies for me to 1lb 8oz, but the highlight of the night was Colin's first lure caught bass. He was working a 12.5cm pearl savage gear eel rather fast, so I told him to slow his retrieve down and would you know it, about 5 casts after he was in. A fantastic effort and he was a very happy chappy! Well done that man. Lack of photos due to batteries going dead in my camera. I'll just have to take Colin again to get some more, sure he won't mind lol.

Dexter Wigglestick : Best £6 lure ever!

The other sessions came yesterday. The first was a big fail as I managed not even a touch after 2 hours on the plugs in the straits with Eddie and Matthew, two lads I met for the first time this morning and had some fun pumping lug with. Unfortunately no fish between us but always nice to meet new people and we had a good laugh in doing so. Pleasure meeting both of them and I'm sure another session between us won't be too far down the line. The second was a return trip to the Lleyn mark from a few nights previous where Colin had his maiden lure caught fish. This time it was just me and Ad though and he had a point to prove after his blank during the previous visit. It was raining the whole time so I chose to leave the camera in the car to avoid it getting ruined. We tried a few spots with no luck so moved to where we'd had some luck the previous session and hit a few fish. Ad was first in and landed just his 2nd lure caught bass ever and first on  hard plastic, a nice plump fish of 50cm and around 2.5lb. It was caught in somewhat fortunate circumstances though, as it swiped his lure off the surface whilst he was sorting his reel lol, guess he deserved some luck. After this though he switched to a Patchinko in sunsprat colour and around 5 casts later had another fish on, again a schoolie but his first surface caught fish, a cracking day for him already. I don't like to be beaten so I upped the anti, my baby patchinko came off, the fantastic Dexter Wigglestick went on and it was game on. I manoevered my way across a few gullies to a little rock that was surrounded by water. I just about managed to get on it and 1st cast resulted in my first of the day. 20 casts or so later number 2, level peggings lol. With just 5 mins or so left before I was swimming back I had a few more chucks which resulted in bass number 3. Now very happy and having made a Man U like late comeback it was time to head off home. Both of us very pleased with our evenings plugging. Once again the wigglestick had proven it's worth as a deadly bass catcher. The best £6 I've ever spent

Hope you enjoyed the read,
Tight Lines,