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Saturday, March 3, 2012

24 hours of fantastic fishing part 2: 5pm 2/3/2012 - 10pm 2/3/2012

 Stop 3: South Stack Area

Having had a cracking morning session, hopes were high for a good evening bash at my pollock mark. I had promised Ad a few fish to make up for his mornings disappointment so pressure was on to produce. We arrived at the mark after the climb down for about 5pm, which was around high tide. Using baited sabikis we dropped the baits down the side no more than a foot from the ledge we were stood on. I had told Ad it was deep but as his lead continued to sink taking metres upon metres of line from his spool his face went from amused to confused within seconds. It was Ad who struck first though instantly after his lead had touched bottom with a pollock of 12oz (top right). We were underway!
The first couple of hours I got outfished by Ad and he was bringing in a nice steady line of fish. His species tally took a nice boost when his second bite lead to this double header (Up Right), of a LS scorpion fish and a corkwing wrasse. I still havn't had a wrasse this year so he's beat me to the ball with that one :) Ad went on to add a couple more pollock and another corkwing to his tally whilst I struggled and managed just a single LS scorpion fish from the innitial ledge. As we moved mark though, I came into my own and started to claw back some fish. This ledge drops off into some shallower water but seems to hold a much larger variety of fish and also the better size pollock. My first few fish from this spot were smallish pollock around the 3/4lb mark but I did after some persistance manage this better fish of 2lb 11oz (Up right)
I was set on catching these all night with the hope of another biggie but the big ones remained inactive for the duration. Instead however it was shore rockling that came out in numbers. Ad managed 2 of them in consecutive casts (top left) and I pulled one out shortly after. The highight of my night though came in the form of this wee beastie (pictured right). A tadpole fish! (Species 17) Yet another 1st for me in a year that seems to be planning out very well. It was only about 9oz but I didn't care, just an awesomely cool fish. The last of the days action came from another few pollock, one for each myself and Ad before it was time, after nearly 24 hours solid fishing to pack up and go home for some much needed sleep. The fishing has picked up brillaintly over the past few weeks all round the island so if you get chance, get out! You might get a nice surprise :p

Hope you enjoyed part 2,
Tight Lines,