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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The species tally takes a small boost in the right direction!

 A few different marks 28th/29th February 2012

Managing to fit in an awful lot of fishing at the moment due to it being reading week in uni. This is essentially a free week of fishing with no work or lectures to worry about so I'm making the most of it. I've been unable to catch any new species in the past few weeks though, instead keep coming across the same 4 species almost every session; pollock, codling, whiting and poor cod. It was time to change this. Fished at amlwch again on the Monday and true to form the first half dozen fish to come out were one of the four mentioned above so we switched to Llam Carw in the hope of change. Fishing wasnt brilliant but we did catch a few poor cod fishing about 40 yards out. I then decided to change tactic and just dropped a bait down the rocks to see if there were any blennies knocking about. It was so shallow you could see the top hook in the water. It didnt matter though as after a short wait something showed a little interest. After a couple of minutes of the fish just teasing me a better knock lead to a strike. It was tiny so was convinced it would be something different and thankfully it was. This little LS scorpion fish (top left) popped out of the water (species 14). Finally something different!

On the Tuesday myself, Ed and Ad had decided to have a try on the South East coast in the hope of a herring. We popped into Malcolm's at ABC to see if he'd heard of any showing. He told us that nothing as yet had been reported but that it would be worth a go, after all someone has to be the first. We stocked up with a few tiny sabiki rigs which are killers for herring and a few 2oz leads and headed off to our mark. We thought we'd be at it for a while before we had anything, so when on my first cast I reeled in this herring (left)(Species 15) before the others had even set up, it got us all a tad excited. I then went an hour without a touch, whilst Ad with his slightly bigger sabikis brought in a whiting a chuck on each of his first 5 casts. Ed also got in on the action with a couple of whiting. The tactic we used was to basically bump the lead across the bottom, a time wasting method but very effective. Eventually I managed my second fish of the session, a tiny herring of 8cm. Then a very unusual catch for me, a lesser weaver (pictured bottom)(Species 16). Not only have I never caught one before but to catch it on sabikis was something I hadn't expected. As if that wasn't weird enough though I then, a few casts later bought in a dab lol. Strange! At the end of the session, we'd had roughly 20 whiting between us, and then the 2 herring, lesser weaver and dab for me. Very happy with that and it seems as though everything is going to plan of late. Let's hope it stays that way :)

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