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Sunday, February 26, 2012


Bull Bay/Llanbadrig 26/02/12012

Not much to report from tonights session. Myself and Steve started at Bull Bay fishing at the back of the hotel over low water. Loads of pots all over the place so very restricted with casting. Gave it a good hour and a half with not a sniff so decided to change marks. A quick drive to Llanbadrig where we fished one of the ledges to the right of the church. Weather had turned miserable on our descent so was only gonna give it another hour or so before calling it a night and cutting our losses. Did pull out this nice 3-beard though of 1lb 13oz. Not big enough for the species list though as I had been pipped by an ounce by Ade Roberts (TSMIIC) Well done mate! Still a nice fish though and definitely better than a blank. Only other point of note was this interesting little bird we saw on the way back up. We think that it may be a Rock Partridge but if anyone has better identification would be nice to know from you. It was fearless and we managed to get within touching distance before it took off giving steve the fright of his life :)
Cheers for reading, Tight Lines, Ross