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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Was this the night of a real monster?

 Point Lynas 22/1/2012

First of all a big thankyou to anyone who posted advice on WSF for us. Was much appreciated.

 As this was an unofficial Bangor Uni Sea Angling Society (BUSAS) meeting we had a few more than usual. A couple of the lads decided to opt for moelfre whilst myself, Ed, Jon, Martyn, Mark and Ash headed upto to Llam Carw and some deep water. None of us had fished this area, so before unpacking the rods we decided to have a wander around the headland. The area looks superb for a spot of deep-spinning! Can't wait to get the lures out up there when the water warms up a bit and the clarity is better. Unfortunately though the conditions on the day were not so good; fairly strong winds, a big swell and very murky water, so we decided to take a short drive to Point Lynas in hope of shelter. We set up on a couple of the ledges to the right, further back towards Llaneillan Bay which as hoped for were completely out of the wind. Fishing commenced at 3ish, just before low water and it didn't take long for myself and Jon to start pulling out the whiting on rag baits. For us at least, this continued throughout the remaining hours of daylight. For the other lads however, a slow start with no fish between them for the first couple of hours. It was just as dusk was approaching that the bites started becoming a little more interesting. Ed and Jon who had started fishing for conger close in were getting strong rattles from time to time but upon
striking would hit nothing but fresh air. Ash and Martyn fishing a little further along had managed to hook up a lobster as well as a few whiting and a solitary doggie between them. My first and only doggie was also caught during this period as well as a tiny poor cod I persuaded using a baited feather rig down the side. With the scratching rigs having now gone quiet is was time for a tactical change. Out with the 2-hook flappers and in with the beefed up conger rigs. As I was rigging up Jon had another knock on his conger rod and this time had managed to hook the culprit, this 3-bearded rockling pictured right. Greedy bugger had taken down 3/4 of a mackerel mounted on two 6/0 hooks lol. I had opted for a different bait though, freshly caught whiting. I've not had much luck with whiting in the past but as I had decided not to buy mackerel it was my best option. Half an hour past by and nothing, when out of nowhere whilst tidying up my gear the line started stripping off my reel, I was in on my whiting! The tell-tale head shakes were there and
from the off it had conger written all over it. After a short tussle, battling it from a snag it was free and on the surface. At roughly 6lb it was only a small strap but nevertheless a conger and my 9th species of 2012. Shortly after this Martyn, Ash and Mark decided to call it a day and head home whilst myslelf, Jon and Ed, who was desperate not to blank fished on and hallelujah he managed a couple of fish. Firstly a semi-decent poor cod and then a tiny whiting. Having now made everyone happy and with it nearing high tide, it was time for us to leave. On the way home Jon suggested as a bit of a laugh to text Martyn to tell him about a huge 33lb Conger we had landed last gasp. Martyn took the bait! Little did we know he'd taken it so seriously he had posted it on WSF. Now if that isnt fuel for the banter wagon I don't know what is :) So as you can figure the beast was not tamed tonight, it was merely rumour. It is out there somewhere though and one day just maybe!

Hope you enjoyed the read, Tight Lines, Ross