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Monday, January 16, 2012


                                     Ty Croes/Ravens Point 14th/15th Jan 2012

Well it seems the strong westerly winds of last week have been taken over by south easterlies recently, which although bitterly cold, provide us as anglers a great opportunity to get over to the west coast of the island and fish comfortably. Our chosen marks over the past few nights have been Ty Croes and Ravens Point, two marks where fish are pretty much guranteed. On Saturday we headed to Ty Croes on a mission for huss and rays. Arriving about an hour before low water,we were happy to see just the one car in the car park and had high hopes that our usual ledge was free,which fortunately it was. So myself, Ed and Jon tackled up with a mixture of pennels for the rays and heavier duty rigs for congers close in. Baits used were sandeel and mackeral to start with. I was first into a fish but knew from the bite it wasn't anything decent and sure enough in came a whiting. Then a moment of madness,as whilst Ed was setting the ratchet on one of his rods the other arched over his tripod and started ripping line. What on earth was this we thought! As Ed lifted into the fish we could see his line had moved a good 30 yards right of where he had cast and had gone across my lines. Still heading off to the right the fish had gone round the rocks infront of us and after one hell of a head-shake the line went solid. Ed tried his best to pull free but his 30lb mainline eventually gave way and the fish was gone. Our only guess was that it must have been a late season tope! With that excitement out of the way, we continued to target rays and congers but before long we were overun by whiting and dogfish (species 6). It was getting late and our excitement had faded somewhat before I eventually managed to hook something that felt a tad better. Keeping it quiet, just incase it turned out to be doggy I slowly brought it to the edge where upon surfacing my eyes lit up, as in the swell was a little thorny (species 7). A few more doggies and whiting were caught before we called it quits and headed back to the warmth of home.
Ravens Point - On the Sunday myself, Stevie G and Gav headed to Ravens point. Word of mouth had suggested that there wasnt much coming off but we thought we'd have a bash anyway. To cut a long story short, we should have listened. We had plenty of fish though so it wasn't all bad. I even managed this double header of doggies(pictured left) on my pennelled sandeel. Was gutted when they surfaced as I was sure it was going to be a huss/ray due to the weight, oh well :p. We fished the tide up from low until a few hours before high but had nothing of substance. The only reasonable fish caught being a 32cm whiting and a couple of nice dabs for me and Steve. Gav had a steady catch of whiting all night on light gear and even had a bonus when he managed to foul hook 3 gripper leads from the bottom, bonus. We called it a night when are hands decided they were no longer able to function and headed home for some nice hot coffee.

                                                       Hope you enoyed the read, Tight Lines,